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Utah Trust Company Genealogy

It is not uncommon for a trust instrument that was drafted many years ago to name as a successor trustee a trust company that has since been acquired by another institution. In some cases, the acquiring institution has itself been acquired by yet another institution, making it difficult to track where the trust business of the named institution is currently located.

In these cases, it is nonetheless necessary to identify what trust company currently manages the trust operations of the now-defunct institution. If no successor trustee with a higher priority under the trust instrument is able and willing to serve, by law, the successor trust company is usually entitled to serve as trustee.

The left column in the following chart lists Utah institutional trustees that have been acquired by other institutions. The right column shows the institution that is the current successor to the former institution’s trust business.

Former Institution Current Institution
Commercial Security Bank Key Bank
Continental Bank & Trust Company US Bank
First Interstate Bank Wells Fargo Bank
First Security Bank Wells Fargo Bank
Tracy-Collins Bank & Trust Company US Bank
Walker Bank & Trust Company Wells Fargo Bank
West One Bank US Bank
Zions Bank & Trust Company Western National Trust Company

For contact information to the current institutions in the right hand column, see the Utah Trust & Estate Address Book on this web-site.

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